5 UNBEATABLE Budget Chunky Sneakers | Best Budget-Friendly Dad Shoes

History has been the witness that every now and then new trends in the fashion industry are born from the past fashion booms or fiascos. Bold Dad Shoes or I may say chunky sneakers are the best example of such a case. It was the time of the ’80s and ’90s when bulky and chunky sneakers like Nike Air Monarch and New Balance 990 were treated as ugly. This kind of ugly sneakers constituted to a whole another category of shoes known as “UGLY DAD SHOES”

Straightforward to current times, the whole ugly & chunky sneakers category has been converted to a high-end fashion trend. The bulky and chunky shoe aesthetics has been spreading like a wildfire since the past few years. When Kanye released the Yeezy 700 ‘Waverunner‘, many people were negative about the silhouette but slowly-slowly everyone grew-up on it. People who were criticizing the sneaker started craving on it. This was the spark to the fire of the dad-shoe trend.

But you may be thinking that high-end fashion comes with a premium price but due to the popularity of Yeezy and Balenciaga Triple S, every brand tried to create a chunky shoe by in their own way. That is why there are a lot of choices to choose from. So here I present you the list of best budget-friendly Dad sneakers. BTW The list is in random order and the prices may fluctuate according to the time you buy.

Sometimes, things may not go your way, but the effort should be there every single night.

Michael Jordan

-> Puma R-SX

puma rsx toys on feet, chunky sneakers
Puma RS-X

As a sneaker brand, Puma has been doing a lot of designing work since the past few years, which can be seen from their latest releases of sneaker line-up. Puma RS-X is one such example which is the remodeled version of Puma RS shoes from the 1980s. The old version was a tech-heavy shoe but the current generation is just a toned up and more refined form of it. RS-X is a great all-around chunky sneaker with a lot of color options available in the market. The bold midsole pattern is optimal for day-to-day streetwear and can be matched with anything you may think of.

As I told, available in a lot of colorways (more than you may require), Puma RS-X can be bought at a super justifying price of $50-$150, depending on the model or the colorway you get.

-> Fila Disruptor

Fila disruptor white gum
sole on feet
Fila Disruptor

In terms of sneaker sales, Fila was on a downfall until they introduced the world with their vision of bulky dad-shoe known to be as Fila Disruptor. Ever since its release fila has shown a tremendous rise in its sneaker market share. No doubt people liked the whole silhouette due to its bold shark-teeth like outsole and multi-layered paneled upper. Ladies are very much fond of this sneaker. The chunky midsole also offers a lot of traction on almost all kind of terrains.

Fila disruptor is that kind of shoe which is also very trendy looking but also don’t crash your bank account. It is a bit hard to find but if available, can be bought at around $90-180 which is surely Bang for the buck.

-> Adidas Yung 1

Adidas originals yung 1 yellow on feet
Adidas Yung 1

Adidas can also be termed as the brand of classic silhouettes, with a lot of evergreen designs across all genres. In the bulky dad-shoe genre Adidas Yung 1 is surely a great contender from Adidas itself. Don’t know why but the random patterning looks so good with any kind of outfit. The 3-stripe peeking from the side overlays looks classic AF. Available in a bunch of colorways, with the super-premium quality suede leather upper is just the icing on the cake.

Yung 1 from Adidas originals is a great option for someone who wants to buy a sneaker with maximum detailing and premium quality. Placed slightly on a pricier side of $80-$180, Yung 1 is still a solid all-around dad shoe.

-> Puma Thunder Spectra

puma thunder spectra on feet chunky sneakers
Puma Thunder Spectra

As I told, Puma is running miles to create awesome and innovative sneakers from the past few years. Similar to Puma RS-X, Puma Thunder Spectra is also inspired by the chunky dad-shoe trend prevailing in the fashion industry right now. Thunder Spectra is a bang on sneaker as it has mastered the combination of bulk and grace at the same time. This sneaker has used a number of upper materials like mesh, leather, and suede with a minimal color-blocking.

Puma’s Thunder Spectra is a unique sneaker on its own, all thanks to its wavy lines and patterning which makes it stand out ina good way. One can buy this sneaker at a price of around $90-$130 which is definitely worth it.

> Reebok Aztrek Double

reebok aztrek double on feet chunky sneakers
Reebok Aztrek Double

With the emergence of bulky sneaker trend, Reebok has also tried to re-create a 90’s sneaker known as Reebok Aztrek to keep up with the chunky sneaker trend with the Reebok Aztrek double. Aztrek Double is a modernized and bulked up version of Reebok Aztrek. The Bulky sculpted midsole with matching color accents gives it a pop. The exaggerated wings logo along with it gives it a funky vibe. Bold but slightly done details along with suede and mesh upper gives it a premium feel.

Overall Reebok Aztrek is an awesome leveled up sneaker from its past generation making it one of the best budget-friendly dad sneaker which is a current trend these days. You can get to buy this sneaker at a price of $50-$100 which concludes it as a no-brainer


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