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White sneakers have been a rage in the fashion scene from the past few years. They have been trending due to a lot of varying reasons, be it the emergence of street-wear culture in the fashion industry or the trend of minimal silhouettes and color-blocking in various outfits. But finding Budget white sneakers that fit your budget the best can be hard.

No matter what was the reason was but this white sneaker is not going to die anytime soon. But as you may have expected, every trending fashion does come with a price premium but here you got it wrong. Budget white sneakers do exist.

There are a lot of great or you can even say awesome choices for a budget white sneaker lately, some of them are absolute classic silhouettes and some have been dropped down in retail prices but still great choices for everyday wear-and-tear.

So let’s just jump straight into the list of best budget-friendly white sneakers. BTW the list is in random order and prices of every sneaker may vary according to the time period you buy it.

You can’t buy vision, and you can’t buy aesthetics .

Travis Scott

-> Vans Old-Skool (White).

vans oldskool white on feet budget white sneakers
Vans Old-Skool (White).

When we think about Vans, what image comes to our mind? I think in most of the cases a picture of classic Vans Oldskool pops up with its crisp canvas upper. Oldskool has created an image of best skateboard sneakers all around the world. Not just that due to its minimal paneling, Vans Oldskool is loved and adored by street-wear fashion experts. With such a crafted one-piece upper and one-piece outsole, one can never go wrong with the copping a pair of this time-defying sneaker.

But the irony is that it does not cost a fortune to buy it. Vans Oldskool is very widely available at any period of time with a super affordable price of $40-$70, which concludes it as the budget-friendly white sneaker.

-> Converse Chuck Taylor.

Converse Chuck Taylor on feet
Converse Chuck Taylor.

When someone asks for a great canvas sneaker, Chuck Taylor is the name that pops up in everyone’s mind. Chuck Taylor, especially in the white colorway, is just a go-to sneaker for a casual guy. The white canvas upper is great to be flaunted with shorts, chinos, jeans or any other trousers for that matter. This classic silhouette has seen multiple numbers of decades but still, its versatility has not yet faded.

This masterpiece can be obtained at a very cheap price that you will not even regret destroying a pair and this makes it one of the cheapest budget white sneakers. Converse Chuck Taylor all-stars can is widely available with a lot of variations in between $30 – $40.

-> Adidas Stan Smith.

Adidas Stan Smith on feet
Adidas Stan Smith.

Stan Smith is just a no brainer white sneaker that can be copped with almost any known outfit on this might earth. Originally released as tennis shoes by veteran Stan Smith himself but later popularized as a super casual sneaker. Its clean and minimal silhouette is loved by all generations from the last few decades. Adidas Originals Stan Smith came into limelight after the minimal white shoe trend in the fashion industry.

Stan Smith with its lightly color-blocked feather-like upper is very easy to dress up or even dressed down, which can be seen by many people trying it with suits and formal-wear. Normally available above $100, but due to its wide popularity and production quantity, it can be seen bought from $40-$100 which is an absolute steal for such timeless sneaker.

-> Nike Air Force One.

 Nike Air Force One on feet
Nike Air Force One.

Air force one is sitting on top of the pedestal of classic white sneakers from Nike since its release a few decades ago. Air force one especially low top is must-have in every sneaker collection. Its clean leather upper with its vintage paneling makes it great for every normal day-to-day wear. Originally the name of this budget-friendly sneaker was inspired by USA’s presidential Air Force One plane. It has been a classic and in the future, it is not going to go down as a forgotten shoe. It has great arch support too

According to many Sneaker enthusiasts Nike Air Force one is an all-around white sneaker and they tend to buy multiple pairs of it, in case older got destroyed. This is true because of the great price of around $40-$120 which makes it easy to make an extra pair (coz why not)

-> Adidas Superstar.

Adidas Superstar on feet budget white sneakers
Adidas Superstar.

Initially nicknamed by many names like “shell-toe” sneaker for its rubber shell toe in the front piece. Adidas superstar’s iconic silhouette is one of the major influences in the rise of the modern-day “sneaker culture”. The leather upper with a rubber shell was a new thing during its release in 1969. After its glory days in basketball for about a decade. It smoothly transitioned from a basketball shoe to a highly fashionable mainstream sneaker. With this kind of bright history, Adidas Superstar is now known as a classic hip-hop sneaker.

But still, with this prestige attached to it, superstar still counts in the category of budget white sneakers. With a lot of color-ways available in the market, the OG triple white colorway usually goes around $60-$120. Such a price makes it a win-win situation for the buyer as it is totally worth it.

-> Adidas Originals Continental 80.

Adidas Originals Continental 80 on feet budget white sneakers
Adidas Originals Continental 80.

With the advent of Kanye West to the sneaker industry and his collaboration with Adidas Originals to create the YEEZY lineup of sneakers, one of the best-known sneakers was Yeezy Powerphase. Powerphase was released as the cheapest Yeezy sneaker at $120. But due to limited production and Kanye West‘s name attached to it, the resell price skyrocketed in no time. But no comparisons done, Adidas came up with Adidas Originals Continental 80.

Adidas Originals Continental 80 not just matched the aesthetics of Yeezy Powerphase but also managed to come at a budget-friendly price without messing up the quality. Continental 80 is hands down one of the best looking Adidas classic sneakers launched recently (no puns intended). With a mediocre price of around $50-$130, this shoe is surely a no-brainer for someone who wants to buy a budget white sneaker which is recently launched.


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