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Running shoes are a staple in every person’s shoe collection. But there are different kinds of shoes for various different purposes. For like, for a casual jogger, the performance does not matter that much as compared to the cushioning of the shoes. Marathon Trainers are the running shoes specifically designed for long-distance running.

For a professional marathon runner, the stability and energy return of marathon trainers is way more important than the cushioning levels. It is crucial for a professional marathon runner to go through the list of requirements required to find the perfect marathon trainer for himself.

There are a variety of factors that make a running shoe qualify as a professional marathon or half marathon trainer. Let’s recall them one by one and then we will go through the best marathon running shoes.

-> Key Requirements Of Perfect Marathon Trainers:

STABILITY: The most important requirement for a great marathon running shoe is the fact that how much stable it is. Stability plays a crucial role when it comes to running long distances to avoid pronating which can lead to injuries

LIGHTWEIGHT: Secondly, the sneaker should be light in weight. Because no one wants to run long multiple miles wearing heavy clunky shoes. Lightweight marathon trainer helps the runner to run faster without exerting more energy.

DURABLE: Durability is crucial for marathon trainers as athletes are supposed to run super long continuously. Different kinds of surfaces are present on the running track ranging from hard concrete to even wet marshy roads.

THICK OUTSOLE WITH GOOD GRIP: While running a marathon or a half marathon, a runner has to simultaneously hit his foot to the ground. While doing that it is a necessity for it to be comfortable so the hit is absorbed by the shoe. A good grip is also crucially important for a marathon shoe.

BREATHABLE: No runner would like to run with their feet soaked in sweat. The upper material should be of good quality materials that are also breathable in nature. Proper ventilation is required in a marathon trainer.

-> Top 5 Best Marathon & Half Marathon Trainers:

Marathon running shoes are subjective in nature which means every runner requires different types of marathon shoes. Some runners who have wider foot needs a wider shoe. Some want more forward push while running and so on. This list comprises the top of the line best marathon shoes in random order.


nike vaporfly next percent on feet marathon trainers

After the huge success of the Nike Vaporfly 4%, Nike Vaporfly Next% is the next flagship Running shoe from Nike. Vaporfly Next% is the shoe for a serious marathon runner. This marathon trainer constitutes a lot of professional running features.

Vaporfly Next% has a real carbon-fibre plate fixed in the midsole of the shoe which gives the runner forward propulsion while running long miles. This does give the runner an upper hand because he is getting more push while exerting less energy.

The upper of Vaporfly Next% is made of Nike’s Vapor-weave material that is extremely lightweight yet comfortable at the same time. The midsole is made of a huge chunk Nike’s ZoomX cushioning which does make the ride a whole lot smoother without feeling unstable. The only downside of this shoe is the $250 price bracket.


asics gel Kayano 26 on feet marathon trainers

Asics is a very sought after running shoe brand as it has a lot of performance-oriented shoes. And Asics Gel Kayano 26 is among the best marathon trainer from the brand. Kayano 26 is one of the most stable running shoes thanks to the “Dual-Max” cushioning which consists of 2 different layers of different density foam in the midsole area.

The gel in the 26th model of Kayano is also very prominent and makes a lot of difference from the previous models. More gel makes the ride a bit softer without being wobbly. The upper of the shoe is also made of a lightweight and very breathable mesh material which makes sure the runner is not sweaty.

The upper of the shoe also has some extra padding on the inside and stiff exoskeleton on the effective areas of the shoe for a firm yet stable experience. Over Asics Gel Kayano 26 is very promising Marathon trainer and a half marathon trainer and is also available in a bunch of exciting colours.


brooks ghost 12 on feet marathon trainers

Ghost 12 by Brooks is a very beginner-friendly marathon trainer. Brooks ghost lineup of trainers has always been a fan favourite among the marathon running community and ghost 12 is among the latest of it. The new Brooks Ghost comes with a new 3D engineered one-piece mesh upper.

This not only makes the shoe lighter but also very breathable. The Midsole comes with the Brooks standard DNA tech which ensures maximum energy return while making an impact to the ground. The grip and the rubber quality of the shoe are great too for the long runs.

To sum it up Brooks Ghost 12 is an awesome budget-friendly marathon running shoe which does what it claims to do without being too over the top.

Hoka One One Clifton 6.

hoka one one clifton 6 on feet
Hoka One One Clifton 6.

Hoka One One Clifton is the top fan favourite shoe lineup by Hoka and the 6th iteration of it is no exception. Clifton 6 is upgraded from the previous models in terms of fit. The foot stays in place with enough room available. The upper of the shoe is made with a one-piece engineered mesh.

Now if you have owned a Hoka earlier, you may know that it usually comes with an oversized EVA midsole and it stays the same in this shoe too. The oversized EVA midsole is way lighter than it appears. Due to the thickness of the midsole, the impact protection is very good and the shoe feels very comfortable underfoot even on uneven areas.

Overall the Hoka One One Clifton 6 is a great all-around running shoe. Maybe not the best for faster runs, but they are surely very adaptable running shoes indeed.


under armour hovr infinite on feet

Under Armour is a brand who is very aggressive or as I say innovative when it comes to running shoes. The sportswear brand has a very big range of running shoes specifically designed for different types of running needs. But Under Armour HOVR Infinite is made to balance in all the varying needs.

HOVR Infinite’s upper is made to be light with a knitted-mesh upper which ensure the cooldown of temperature around the feet. The upper feels snug and fits true to size with an appropriate amount of ankle and heel support. But the main highlight of the shoe is the HOVR cushioning which provide the runner great impact absorption along with energy return while running long miles.

Another thing that makes the shoe stand out is the fact that it comes with a Bluetooth chip inside the shoe which provides various details about the runner like speed, pace, distance, endurance etc. All the stats can be managed by the Under Armour app. To sum it up the shoe is great in every aspect required in a running shoe.


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