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If you are really into the sneaker world, you surely may know about the OG Nike Air Mag. Since Nike is planning to release the new Nike Adapt Huarache soon, you should know about the past of it. So here it goes. Nike Air Mag was first introduced to the world as a concept shoe which got its hype due to its appearance in the superhit movie “Back To The Future”.

They were a huge deal back then. But later after more than 2 decades, Nike officially released them with 1st time showcasing the self-lacing technology to the world but the price was out of reach. Nike also tried to make this technology accessible by releasing two shoes i,e, Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 & Nike Adapt BB but both of them were a bit ugly as I think so.

To overcome these cons, Nike is planning to release its Nike Adapt Huarache equipped with the Nike FitAdapt technology. So let’s just dive into the details of the latest Nike Adapt Huarache.

Nike adapt huarache with nike adapt app
Nike Adapt Huarache & Nike Adapt App

Nike Adapt Huarache Details:

When Huarache was released by Nike in 1991, it was a radical new approach to what sneakers were at that time. The Neoprene bootie and Huarache’s signature exoskeletal upper offered a snug fit which was a new thing at that time.

Fast forward to present times, Huarache is going to get an incremental update by combining it with Nike’s top of the line FitAdapt tech. Here are the exact details of the shoe itself:

UPDATED DESIGN: The traditional Huarache design has been ditched with a new updated with a new kind of sneaker construction. The net design looks a lot futuristic and techy thanks to the new exoskeletal design along with the Fly-Wire kind of looking wire wrapped around the upper. The wire looks similar to the Air Jordan 33. Overall it is a fresh new design.

nike adapt Huarache grey color

FitAdapt TECHNOLOGY: The most highlighting detail about the Adapt Huarache is the technology it comes with. The FitAdapt tech by Nike gives the wearer a facility to tighten the shoe automatically just by tapping the buttons available on the shoe or by using the Nike Adapt App.

In the Nike Adapt app, you can control the snugness of both the shoes simultaneously to achieve an optimal fit.

Nike adapt app
Picture Courtesy: The Verge

MODES FOR DIFFERENT SCENARIOS: In the Nike Adapt app, you can customize the fit according to your needs by using various preset modes or can even create custom modes. For example; when you want to loosen up the shoes a bit, you can switch to chill mode. Creating a customized mode can help you to make a perfect fitting shoe by just tapping once on it.

modes of nike adapt app

OTHER MAJOR FEATURES: Some of the other key features of Nike Adapt Huarache includes-

Customizable colored lights in the mid-sole of the sneaker with the help of the Nike Adapt app (because why not). It comes handy when you want to change the look of shoes a bit.

customizable colored lights in nike's adapt app

Apple’s Siri is optimized with the Nike Adapt app, which means you can command Siri to tighten or loosen the sneaker. For example; you can command Siri to “Release My Shoes”, and it will automatically do it as ordered.

siri shortcuts in nike's adapt app

Charging Pad is also available to wirelessly charge the sneaker. So if your pair goes out of charge, just toss it over to the charging pad and it will juice it up.

Charging pad of nike adapt Huarache

The first two colorways of Nike Adapt Huarache are yellow and a grey-white both of which look very futuristic. Different kinds of materials are being used in the construction of the latest self-lacing sneaker by Nike which includes the mesh, plastic overlays, etc. It definitely resembles the OG Nike Huarache but differs it quite well too.

Nike Adapt Huarache will be available to buy on 13th of September, 2019 on the SNKRS App, and at selected retailers


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