Rise And Rapid Growth Of Sneaker Culture In India | Blooming Sneaker Market In India

It is a common known fact that we notice shoes before making eye contact with a person. Well, this fact is widely spreading like a wildfire in India (in a good way of course). Ever since the internet boom in India the sneaker culture in India is on an ever ending rise.

Due to the influence of western hip-hop culture and street-wear fashion, the sneaker market of India is going only up with no symptoms of slowing down.

A run begins the moment you forgot you are running.

~ Adidas

Since sneakers have now become a fashion staple especially among the millennials due to a variety of reasons. Just like in the west, Nike and Adidas are crucial sneaker brands for the emergence of sneaker culture India.

Their different iconic sneakers like Adidas superstars, stan smiths, etc and Nike air max sneakers, air jordans, etc. have influenced our country in a great way. Since there are a number of factors due to which sneaker culture in India, let’s see them one by one.

1. Bollywood Celebrities.

If you are a Bollywood fanatic you must be aware of the celebrities’ love for sneakers. Everyone is flaunting their colorful and loud as well as subtle but classic kicks in front of cameras. Many Bollywood stars are obsessed with new sneakers, as these days sneakers have become a prestige item.

These days in Bollywood we can see celebs wearing various high-end sneaker brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga, Golden Goose and what not. There are many sneaker-heads in Bollywood too but few of the highlighted are:

-> Ranveer Singh.

ranveer singh wearing adidas superstar 80s. sneaker culture in India.
Ranveer Singh rocking Adidas Superstar 80s

Our Gully-Boy, Ranveer Singh, as you may know, is a crazy high energy lad, with a wild fashion sense. He wears clothes like no one else would dare to because not everyone can match such energy levels as Ranveer possess. Now it becomes obvious that to complete the outfits, Ranveer wears every kind of sneakers. Be it the bright neon colors, or even the wild fur shoes, you name it he has worn it.

Now Due to the overwhelming fan-following the “Gully Boy” starer superstar, it is evident that the sneaker craze went up. Now in India it is normal to compliment your outfits with bright sneakers as Ranveer does.

-> Diljit Dosanjh.

Diljit Dosanjh sneaker collection
Diljit Dosanjh

Punjabi Singer Diljit Dosanjh is the turban superstar of our country with a very down to earth humble personality. The Sikh superstar is among the few celebrities who love to spend on hyped clothing. The Sikh superstar often spends Grands of dollars on clothing and sneaker brands like Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Yeezy, etc. He in his own words has once said that he loves the work of Virgil Abloh, the owner of high-end fashion brand “OFF-WHITE“.

Diljit Loves flaunting his Balenciaga’s, Yeezys, and whatnot. he is surely one of the main reasons for the emergence of sneaker culture in India.

-> Badshah.

badshah wearing banciaga track trainers. badshah and his jeep wrangler
Badshah wearing Banciaga track trainers.

If you are a fan of Badshah you may know that he is a guy with high-end tastes in everything he owns. He loves luxury cars, luxury clothing, and you guessed it right, luxury sneakers. And I mean not dozens of them, but hundreds of the rare and hyped sneakers you can buy. Being a rapper he loves to wear streetwear fashion but to top it up he needs to have had a plethora of sneakers to match with the wide spectrum of colors.

It has been known that the net-worth of the sneakers owned by Badshah is above 1.5 Crores in Indian Rupees for the 400+ sneakers. This proves the extravagant life of Badshah.

2. Sneaker Influencers.

Since the internet boom in India, the influential space in India has evolved substantially. There are a variety of fashion influencers but only a handful of then are true sneaker-heads. They are crucial contributors to the development of the sneaker market in our country. Few of the notable sneaker influencers are:

-> Anand Ahuja.

Well, Anand Ahuja is one of the top sneaker-head if not the top. He has single-handedly evolved the sneaker culture in India so much. He is the owner of “VegNonVeg” which is a high-end sneaker boutique located in Mumbai. Anand Ahuja is currently on the pinnacle of the sneaker game in India. You just name any sneaker, he may already have it.

anand ahuja and vegnonveg. sneaker culture in India
Anand Ahuja

-> Allen Claudius.

Allen is the name and face behind the famous Indian sneaker blog “Bowtiesandbones“. He has seen the birth, rise and now the peak of the sneaker market in India. He has been criticized for wearing air max 90s in Lakme Fashion Week 2015, but he has never seen backward since then.

allen claudius (bowtiesandbones) wearing air jordan one
Allen Claudius wearing Air Jordan 1

3. Hip-hop culture and Street-wear fashion.

One of the key factors in evolving the sneaker culture in India is the emergence of hip-hop culture and street-wear fashion. “Gullyboy” has beautifully depicted the hip-hop culture in our country.

In the western sneaker culture, hip-hop has revolutionized the sneaker world and India is no exception to this fact. The blooming rap culture, graffiti culture, and hip-hop dance go hand in hand with the sneaker culture.

The hip-hop culture is emerging as a new age cult and many hip hop artists have already broken various barriers. Artists like Raftaar, Badshah, Naezy, Divine, etc are one of the few rappers who love their sneakers more than anything else. They usually prefer vibrant and wild patterns on their sneaker to balance their bold lifestyle.


raftaar wearing adidas yeezy 360 'zebra'. raftaar with his dog.
Raftaar wearing Adidas Yeezy 360 ‘Blur Tint’

-> Emiway Bantai.

emiway bantai in blue. sneaker culture in India
Emiway Bantai


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