Sneakers That Changed The World | Most Historical Sneakers In The World

Sneaker world is a weird place! Many times sneakers have changed the course of history in an unknown and somewhat great way. In American basketball and hip-hop, culture sneakers have been a staple part. For them, sneakers are not just shoes but they are a-way by which people express their behaviour to others.

So here is a compiled list of five sneakers that literally changed the course of history. These are those sneakers from the sneaker world that turned history for good.

The attitude of kindness is everyday stuff like a great pair of sneakers. Not frilly. Not fancy. Just plain and comfortable.


5. Vans Slip-on Checkerboard.

If you ask any skateboarder about the most reputed skateboard sneaker, chances are that he will say Vans slip-on in the Checkerboard colourway. It was a kind of shoe that didn’t get famous from the date of its release. But instead, it gradually improved its name by the course of time.

The shoe is famous for its showtime in movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High – the first big teen film of the ’80s, featuring Sean Penn’s slacker antihero Jeff Spicoli. This movie built the hype around the shoe and it never died after that even to this date.

Vans Slip-on Checkerboard on feet
sneakers that changed the world
Vans Slip-on Checkerboard.

4. Reebok Pump.

Reebok Pump was one of the first gimmicky shoes which really got famous to a great extent. It was during 24th of November in 1989 when Reebok released its line of a new and weird kind of basketball shoes. The actual gimmick of the whole shoe was the internal inflation mechanism that regulated a cushion in the lower and upper tongue. This helps to provide a locking fit around the ankle.

Celebrities like John Cena have also worn it many times which raised the hype around it. People were really attracted to these things and the shoe was a hit. The clash of Reebok Pump and Nike air was also one of the key reason for its success.

Reebok Pump retro on feet
sneakers that changed the world
Reebok Pump Retro.

3. Adidas Superstar.

Initially nicknamed by many names like “shell-toe” sneaker for its rubber shell toe in the front piece. Adidas superstar’s iconic silhouette is one of the major influences in the rise of the modern-day “sneaker culture”. The leather upper with a rubber shell was a new thing during its release in 1969.

After its glory days in basketball for about a decade. It smoothly transitioned from a basketball shoe to a highly fashionable mainstream sneaker and hip-Hop band like Run D.M.C. made them their signature fashion choice on stage, wearing them without laces and with the tongues pushed out. It is one of the most famous and unexpected collaborations in the sneaker culture.

Adidas Originals Superstar olive on feet
Adidas Originals Superstar.

2. Nike Cortez.

When it comes to keeping the name and value of the shoe for a long time like in this case for more than 45 years, Nike Cortez has lived up to it. Nike Cortez has seen almost all the ups and downs of the sneaker world and is still relevant to this date.

The long history of the Cortez starts back in 1966 when Nike was still ‘Blue Ribbon Sports’. A company helmed by Bill Bowerman and Phil knight that was mostly a distributor for Onitsuka Tiger which was a japan based sneaker company.

It is surely one of the sneakers that changed the world. Later it became one of the first Nike sneakers to hit the market as Blue Ribbon Sports transitioned and decided to be a new company. This resulted in many legal cases between Onitsuka tiger and Nike but later it was decided that both can use the same silhouette but with different logos. So Nike boasted it with its iconic swoosh and Onitsuka with its 3 joined stripe logo and rest is history.

Nike Cortez white on feet
Nike Cortez.

1. Air Jordan One Retro.

Whatever the criteria will be the most iconic sneaker in the sneaker world is hand down Air Jordan One. Since it’s release in 1985 air Jordan one has been the most respected shoe to be ever released. It was designed by Peter Moore. Air Jordan 1 was initially hyped due to its name attached with former Chicago Bulls player and legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. It is one of those sneakers that changed the world completely.

Even if someone is not a fan of basketball, the leather quality and simple but impactful colour blocking was also a fan favourite. Currently, there are a number of retro Jordans but air Jordan one retro is still and always will be stapled in every sneakerhead’s collection.

Air Jordan One retro on feet
sneakers that changed the world
Air Jordan One.


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