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The sneaker world is changing continuously with a variety of changes with a variety of new trends coming every month & new sneaker cushioning technologies are emerging from different brands continuously. But the question still remains, “Which is the most comfortable sneaker?”

No one in this world (at least according to me) wants his sneaker to be clunky and heavy. That is why comfortable sneaker is a must in every person’s collection. Now every Sneakerhead or even a normal consumer takes the word ‘Comfortable sneaker’ differently.

For example, one person wants a great airflow because of obvious sweaty reasons and another person wants to have good arch support. Some people have flat feet and some have wide feet so there is a very high chance that one sneaker may be comfortable for one person but not for the other.

So keeping that criteria in mind we have compiled a list of most comfortable sneakers in the market for a casual sneaker lover or even a massive sneakerhead in 2019. So here is the list in increasing ranking order.

5. New Balance 990v4.

So the list starts with a 90’s classic from New Balance. It has a firm outsole which gives great arch support and all-day comfort. With a minimal amount of mesh, the airflow is also good. The EVA inner sole also has a substantial amount of padding.

Overall these shoes from New Balance are great for all-day comfort but the only downside is the looks a bit outdated by today’s standards but this does not stop it to make it to the list of most comfy sneakers.

New Balance 990v4 Most comfortable sneaker
New Balance 990v4.

4. Nike Air Max 270.

Nike has evolved its air max sneakers time since its first release. And Nike air max 270 is one of the newest variations of the classic air max series. Air max 270 boasts a massive air bubble in the heel part of the show which is very squishy and durable at the same time.

The mesh upper is not the most comfortable but surely is very much breathable. It is available in a bunch of colorways which are great for casual Sneakerheads. The versatility of Air max 270 makes it a stand out, as it can be paired with almost anything casual.

Nike Air max 270 most comfortable sneaker
Nike Air Max 270.

3. Nike Element React 87.

Nike has been doing a lot of work in evolving its sneaker cushioning technology & last year they came up with the react technology. And Nike element 87 is one of the first Sneakers to come with react technology. The react midsole is ultra squishy and bouncy with optimal energy return.

It also boasts a new of the kind plastic mesh upper which is lightweight and well-ventilated too. The lowcut ankle shape makes this shoe wearable with any casual outfit whatsoever. It can surely be qualified as the top comfortable Nike sneaker.

Nike Element 87
Nike Element React 87.

2. Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo.

As I told earlier that Nike is doing great work in sneaker cushioning technology, so here is the Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo which is primarily a performance-based sneaker but still can be flexed by casual Sneakerhead.

It rocks a sandwich designed midsole in which the upper part is ‘Zoom X’ & the lower part is ‘React’. Both of these materials by Nike ensures a great running time comfort with awesome energy return. So if you are looking for a performance-based sneaker one must mark this shoe in his list.

Nike Pegasus 35 Turbo
Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo.

1. Adidas Ultraboost.

Adidas Ultraboost has been the undisputed king of the sneakers when it comes to comfort. Since its release 5 years ago, the boost technology is is still the best in terms of squishyness and bounce. And Adidas top of the line upper material i.e. prime knit upper is the best when it comes to the air ventilation.

Ultraboost has gone through a variety of changes from V1 to V4 but the comfort has been constant. It is a perfect day-to-day athleisure sneaker with no real competitor since its day of release.

Adidas Ultraboost grey colour
Adidas Ultraboost.


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