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Kanye West‘s Yeezy lineup of sneakers has been at the pinnacle of sneaker collabs for the last few years. Adidas Yeezy sneakers have always been a top of the line lifestyle sneaker since the day of its origin. It was never thought to be a performance-based sneaker. All the Yeezy models from 350, 500, 700 & 750 all were meant to be released as a purely lifestyle based kicks.

But as you may know already that lately a lot of pictures started floating over the internet of a basketball sneaker worn by Kanye West claimed to be a new Yeezy model. Evidently, this sneaker is known as Yeezy Basketball Quantum and is going to be released as the first Yeezy performance-based sneaker

Kanye West wearing Yeezy Basketball Quantum
Kanye West Flaunting Yeezy Basketball Quantum.

Kanye West being a visionary knows that by introducing a new Yeezy silhouette and that too a performance-based, will surely hype-up the sneaker market. As you may know, Kanye has been obsessed with earth-tone colors consisting of different shades of grey, browns, beige and what not. So adding a new shoe will definitely improve the Yeezy market.

For me, money is not my definition of success. Inspiring people is a definition of success.


Sneaker Details:

As a basketball sneaker, Yeezy Quantum has a lot of basketball oriented features with many other details too which I will go through one-by-one:

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FULL-LENGTH BOOST MIDSOLE: Being a flagship sneaker from Yeezy, this shoe is going to have a full-length boost midsole with optimal padding around the midsole for the impact protection and energy return.

INSPIRATION FROM OTHER YEEZY MODELS: If you are a sneaker lover, you may have already noticed that Yeezy basketball Quantum has few details inspired from other Yeezy models. Firstly, the colorway and the zig-zag patterning resembles a lot like the Yeezy 350 ‘ZEBRA’. And the toe area of the shoe is clearly inspired by the Yeezy 700 with a horn-like pattern.

SUEDE HINTS AND BASKETBALL FEATURES: Premium smooth suede can also be seen in the toe and the heel area of the latest performance-based Yeezy sneaker with the right amount of color-blocking and material paneling. The ankle area is made of neoprene for stretchy fit while playing long games without being clanky.

3M PATTERN DETAILS: One of the striking details about the ‘Quantum’s is the fact that the majority of the upper is sneakingly covered with 3M to make is reflective when light strikes on it.

Reflective Areas of Yeezy Quantum Basketball
Reflective Areas of Yeezy Quantum Basketball

Why YEEZY Basketball Quantum is so exciting?

Let’s see how can the new basketball silhouette makes sense as a sneaker and for the loyal YEEZY fans.

REVIVAL OF ADIDAS TO THE BASKETBALL SNEAKER INDUSTRY: As you may know that Nike has been the prime leader in the basketball sneaker industry for about a long period. So with the release of A Yeezy Basketball shoe, Adidas can once again shine in the basketball sneaker market.

SOMETHING NEW FROM YEEZY: Yeezy, as always is a very hyped sneaker series due to the limited released quantities. But due to the heavy saturation of similar colorways of the same shoe over and over again, the hype has sunken a bit. This downfall of the Yeezy market makes the ‘Quantum’ even more exciting as they are going to be fresh as a silhouette and will surely be hyped as well.

RELEASE OF A BASKETBALL SNEAKER FROM A LIFESTYLE BRAND: History has been a witness that basketball sneakers have been the primal reason for the widespread of sneaker craze in the world. take the instance of Air Jordan 1, being a basketball sneaker is currently a must-have lifestyle sneaker. So the release of a basketball shoe from a lifestyle brand like Yeezy is very much exciting.

yeezy Basketball quantum vector art

So the latest offering from Kanye West and Yeezy looks very promising and can do wonders for the brand but the release date is still a mystery. It has been a long time since the images of the actual shoe started floating over the internet, so the release is soon but not confirmed.

Will you Cop a pair or not?” Give your opinions down in the comment section below.


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